Front Granite Stargazer
Front Granite Stargazer

Stroller, 2000 (Barcelona)
Cut Shoes, 2000 (Barcelona)
Stargazer, 2000 (Barcelona)
Indigo Turquoise Stargazer, 1997
Stargazer, 2007
Stargazer, 2007
Red Sky Stargazer, 2007
Black Sky Stargazer, 2008
Barcelona World Race, 2010
Front Stargazer, 2003
Back Stargazer, 2003
Stargazer in the Port of Barcelona (Present Position)
Stargazer Barcelona (Present Position)
Stargazer Barcelona (Position for The Christmas Race, 2009)
Stargazer Barcelona(The Christmas Race, 2009)
Stargazer Barcelona
Stargazer Sitges, 2003
Stargazer Sitges
Stargazer in the Workshop
Stargazer in the Workshop
Stargazer Barcelona (Finishing Touches)
Stargazer Sitges, with the Russian Synchronisde Swimming Team
Stargazer, Pool Model, 2007
Stroller(Earthware), 2000
Granite Stargazer, 2003
Front Granite Stargazer
Stargazer and Robert Llimós